A comparison of Dental Crown Materials

Posted on: October 5, 2018

Dental crowns are available in a variety of materials such as porcelain and zirconium, these materials drastically enhance the aesthetic and strength of dental crowns than solutions in the past.

Crowns have come a long way!

Nevertheless, there are some significant differences to note between these materials. 

Read through this brief guide on dental crown materials to discover material aside from the traditional full porcelain diversity.

Information on dental crown materials is listed below:

Gold Crowns

Gold is a familiar material in dentistry since it is quite strong. Gold is less responsive than other metals when in the mouth.  Additionally, gold is mild on the teeth opposing the crown. Gold is perfect for patients who regularly grind or clench the molar teeth.  Even if gold is fine, it still proves to be durable and robust.

Gold permits traditional crown prep work along with the preservation of healthy teeth.  Gold works well with glass ionomer cement that lessens sensitivity. Still, gold is not extensively favored for dental crowns since it is not astatically pleasing.

Dental Composite Crowns

Dental composite is a kind of synthetic resin.  Dental composite is familiar in fillings to please the aesthetic of teeth nearby.  The dental composite can also make robust crowns after curing and processing.  Dental composite crowns are perfect for patients who are sensitive to porcelain as well as metal. While composite crowns are not the toughest or most durable, they indeed serve as a real restoration for the teeth.

Dental composite crowns have many advantages including cost in comparison to gold/porcelain crowns, the capability to reduce sensitivity in the teeth and a soft texture that is not as oversensitive to other metals. Patients who do not have a sensitivity to metal/porcelain may find the composite choices of crowns to be underwhelming in contrast to different types of crowns due to not lasting as long.

Porcelain Fused to Gold

A mixture of porcelain and gold delivers patients with the best of both materials.  Porcelain coupled to gold crowns is optimal for those seeking a balance of strength and aesthetic look.  Porcelain is fused and stacked, one layer upon the next atop a base of gold alloy.

The gold base serves as a form of defense for the tooth while the porcelain provides visual appeal when the patient opens his or her mouth to laugh or talk.

Porcelain Crowns

The most natural looking of all crown materials are the full porcelain crowns.  These are lovely-looking crowns that balance in nicely with the rest of the teeth.  Porcelain revered for the fact that it does not conduct cold or hot in an efficient manner, this means sensitivity to temperature in foods initial placement period, is decreased.

The one possible drawback to porcelain crowns is they could damage the opposing teeth.  However, such damage is rare. In many cases, damage by porcelain crowns is due to excessive teeth grinding or clenching.

Is a crown in the future?

If a crown is a possible future treatment needed, please visit the dentist to have a consultation regarding what materials fit the situation best.

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