Benefits of Laser Dentistry Procedures

Posted on: March 26, 2019

Laser dentistry has grown to become one of the most popular ways to treat dental issues. Patients are finding that the precision provided by lasers brings along many benefits. While the idea of having a laser in your mouth may seem strange, it is actually more efficient than a dental drill.

If you are apprehensive about getting laser dentistry, it might help to read over some of the benefits these procedures provide.

About laser dentistry

Before understanding the benefits of laser dentistry, it is first important to know what it is and what procedures can be done using lasers.

Laser dentistry is an innovative field of dental care that is minimally invasive. Narrow but intense beams of light come through dental lasers to treat the teeth and gums. Depending on the procedure, the wavelength will vary. This means that dentists can take a more tailored approach that a drill does not provide.

Laser dentistry procedures

The lasers alter both hard and soft tissues within the mouth. Here are a few procedures that a laser dentist can offer.

Gum issues

With lasers, the dentist can carry out gum reshaping, gum inflammation removal and regenerating damaged nerves. They can also remove benign oral tumors or and perform biopsies.

Tooth issues

The dentist can use a laser during root canal infection treatment, to expose wisdom teeth and to whiten teeth.

Benefits of laser dentistry procedures


One of the main benefits of laser dentistry is that the beams sterilize the gums upon contact. Gum sterilization reduces the chance that infections will form. It can difficult to minimize the risk of infection when using a drill, making it a common occurrence after basic procedures. Laser stop fluids and bacteria from enter the treated area.

Fast recovery

A quick recovery is something that everyone hopes to have after a dental procedure. Laser dentistry allows for a less invasive procedure which means that there is less trauma to the tissue. Since less healing is necessary, you will recover quickly.

Minimal blood loss

Because laser dentistry is precise and cauterizes the treatment area instantly, there is not much blood loss. When scalpels or drills are used on the mouth, the dentist will have to manage blood loss while also treating you.

Anesthesia might not be necessary

Many people do not like undergoing dental procedures. Those who hate the sounds of drills or cannot stand the pain may ask for anesthesia so that they are asleep during the process. In some cases, the dentist may require you to use anesthesia for more invasive treatments.

Since lasers are not invasive and do not cause as much pain as drills, you will not need anesthesia for most treatments. Instead of feeling groggy and waking up with a sore mouth, you can leave the dentist’s office feeling awake and reading to drive.

Talk to a laser dentist

It is best to talk with a laser dentist to get a full understanding of their services. They can go into further detail about the benefits of laser dentistry, especially if you are still hesitant. Call our office today to see how laser dentistry can change the way you care for your mouth.

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