Prevent Overnight Teeth Grinding With a Night Guard

Posted on: April 2, 2019

Teeth grinding can be difficult for more than just one person.  Sleeping next to a person who grinds their teeth throughout the night can be disturbing and annoying. It can also be just as disturbing for the person who is grinding their own teeth! However, there is hope for those people as well as the people that they are sleeping next to.

As dentistry has progressed, dental night guards have become popular for people who grind their teeth throughout the night. In this article, we will go over how night guards can prevent teeth grinding when one is trying to sleep! Read more below.

Night guards and teeth grinding

What are night guards?

Most people are familiar with mouthguards as they are popular among sports player and people who are prone to facial injuries. However, a beneficial sector of mouthguards is a night guard! They are protective dental and/or oral devices that keep the teeth, gums and entire mouth safe and protected from things like constant grinding throughout the night.

What is teeth grinding?

When someone grinds their teeth it is also known as bruxism. Most commonly, people grind their teeth when they are asleep but sometimes they do it throughout the day too. However, when people grind their teeth throughout the night, it can eventually cause problems to the teeth and gums over time. Grinding can wear down the enamel as well as cause headaches for a person.

How to prevent grinding with a night guard

Teeth grinding is hard to manage because there isn’t necessarily one go-to treatment that someone can do in order for the grinding to stop. However, there are a few things that one can do to help prevent and manage bruxism.

Investing in a good night guard can help with the prevention of grinding the teeth when one is asleep. A night guard will protect the upper and lower set of teeth from constantly hitting each other. Having this protective barrier in between the teeth will also prevent tension in the jaw muscles from occurring.

When a person clenches down in the middle of the night, both sets of teeth are hitting each other causing the grinding. But, what one may not realize is that the jaw muscles are clenching down which can cause pain like headaches or a tight jaw. Implementing a night guard into your sleeping habits can not only help prevent teeth grinding but also avoid headaches and tight jaws.

A night guard is able to provide someone with a way to prevent them from grinding their teeth when they are sleeping. Ultimately, it can be beneficial to talk with a dentist about the best type of night guard in order to achieve better results. Prevention of teeth grinding can go a long way for someone as it will help them avoid pain, enamel decay and disturbing others who may be sleeping around them.

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