Routine Dental Disease Checkups

Posted on: November 9, 2018

Want beneficial information on routine dental disease checkups? Good for you! It is necessary for you to make regular dental appointments so you can understand the current health of your mouth. If you happen to find out from the dentist that you have one or more dental issues that need attention, then they can be performed as soon as possible. The sooner you get any necessary dental work completed, the better.

While most people associate a routine dental checkup with fixing any mouth issues, this is also the time for an experienced dentist to look for any diseases that may be present.

According to the American Heart Association, people who receive regular teeth cleanings have a 24 percent lower risk of heart attack and a 13 percent lower risk of stroke.

Common diseases discovered during routine dental checkups

When a professional dentist looks into a patient's mouth during one of their routine checkups, they are trained to look for specific signs and symptoms that can let them know that a disease might be present. The following is a list of common diseases that dentists often discover during a regular dental checkup.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer can be detected through a regular dental checkup, as a dentist will look for the lesions that often appear when oral cancer is present.


Diabetes is a disease that can be detected during a routine dental checkup, with some of the more common symptoms being a dry mouth and/or gums, receding gums and bleeding gums.


Osteoporosis is a bone disease that tends to mostly affect postmenopausal women, and while it does not cause changes to the actual teeth, it can cause negative changes to the jawbone that supports the teeth.

Heart disease

Heart disease is commonly linked to those who are experiencing oral problems, with inflamed or swollen gums and loose teeth being two of the more common warning signs of heart disease.

Other health problems

Other health problems and/or diseases that a dentist can discover during a routine dental checkup include kidney disease, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, respiratory disease and weakened immune system disorders.

Need to schedule your routine checkup now?

We can make an appointment for your routine dental disease checkup right now. All we need you to do is call us and let us know a convenient time for you to come in.

When you make regular dental appointments, you are not only getting any dental treatments that will support your good overall oral health, but you are also getting peace of mind. We have a fantastic and caring team of dental professionals who go above and beyond what is required because we truly care about all our patients. So, know that we are here for you if you need us!

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