Why You Should Seriously Consider Dental Implants in One Day

Posted on: February 27, 2018

Dental implants in one dayDental implants in one day will beautify your mouth, prevent oral health issues and dramatically bolster your confidence.  The main appeal of this approach to lost or significantly damaged teeth is it replaces those chompers in one day.  You can walk into your dentist’s office, have them replace your missing tooth with a dental implant and walk right on back out the same day.  Here is a look at the merits of this amazing system aside from its efficiency.

Same day dental implants

Dental Implants in One Day Allow for Natural Chewing

If you have a gap in your mouth and let it remain, chewing hard foods will eventually cut your gums.  In fact, some teeth might even shift to the open space and make chewing that much more challenging.

Choose dental implants in one day and you will be able to chew as you normally do.  You can eat just about every food you love without worry that the dental implant will break.

No Need to Alter Your Oral Care Routine

Most people are not exactly passionate about the idea of taking a denture out of their mouth, scrubbing it and soaking it each night.  By choosing dental implants in one day, you will be able to clean your teeth just like you normally do.  Go ahead and floss and brush your dental implant as though it is a regular tooth.

Dental Implants in One Day does not Alter Diction

Tooth loss and certain tooth replacement options like dentures have the potential to alter acoustics and diction.  Take advantage of dental implants in one day and you will not have any issues talking, singing, eating etc.  Keep in mind even a fairly simple dental restoration like a bridge has the potential to alter your pronunciation, especially if it is on or near the front teeth.

The better option is dental implants in one day in which the natural tooth is recreated as best as possible.  You might find talking feels a bit different after one or several dental implants are in place yet you will adjust within a couple of days.

Dental Implants Feel Natural and Comfortable

Dental implants feel perfectly suited to the mouth.  This is the natural-feeling and natural-looking tooth replacement solution of your dreams.  Dental implants are especially comfortable compared to alternative options like dentures and bridges.

There is no Need for Bone Grafting

Bone grafting will likely prove unnecessary as the dentist will pinpoint the areas with ample bone.  The dentist will place the implants in these spaces at precise angles to support the most weight.

Save Time With Dental Implants in One Day

Take a moment to think about how nice it will be to walk out of the dentist’s office with new dental implants the same day you walked in.  While an initial consultation will also be necessary, this is by far the most efficient means of replacing missing or damaged teeth.

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