The CEREC® Process

Posted on: February 15, 2018

CERECAs each day passes, more and more people learn about CEREC®.  This is an innovative system that generates ceramic crown, veneers, onlays or inlays in one session.  CEREC® is a high-tech means of restoring damaged or unsightly teeth in little time.  Here is a closer look at this breakthrough system.

Helpful information about CEREC

The Appeal of CEREC

CEREC® is superior to the traditional approach primarily because it is so quick.  Patients who take the traditional route for dental restoration have to visit the dentist two separate times.  The initial step is for diagnostics purposes.  The next appointment is the fitting of the veneer, crown etc.  There is about a two-week wait between the appointments.

The wait is so that professionals in a dental lab and make the restoration in accordance with the patient’s mouth. CEREC® combines all of this time and effort into one visit thanks to the prudent use of machinery and technology.  If you suspect you need a restoration or a replacement tooth, your first choice should be CEREC®.

How CEREC® Works

CEREC®, created by the United Kingdom’s Sirona Dental Systems, is a high-tech system comprised of a computerized design unit with cutting-edge art software.  These systems work in combination with a milling machine to generate high-quality restorations of all varieties.  This system empowers the dentist to take three-dimensional images of the tooth that function as a template for the subsequent restoration.

The dentist’s milling machine is used to form the restoration out of a ceramic block.  There are several different types of ceramic available.  Discuss the options with your dentist to ensure you find the type that is ideal for your mouth’s unique aesthetics.

The CEREC® Process Vs. the Traditional Approach

The CEREC® process might seem a bit odd to those who have grown accustomed to the conventional approach to restorative dentistry.  The analysis of your teeth and application of the restoration in question are the same with the CEREC® system as the traditional approach to dental restorations.

The dentist prepares the tooth in a conventional manner.  He or she uses a small drill known as a burr to properly shape the tooth so it can accommodate a crown or other restoration with ease.  So do not be afraid of the CEREC® process.  It is safe, quick and highly effective.

Perfecting the CEREC® Restoration for the Optimal Look, Functionality and Comfort

Once the tooth restoration is ready, it might be stained to blend in with the rest of the teeth.  The dentist will then perform a final polish.  If you are satisfied with the look, placement and feel of the dental restoration, the dentist will complete the final step.  The dentist caps off the CEREC® process by cementing the new restoration into position.

At this point, you will be ready to leave the office.  CEREC® really is that easy and that quick.  So do not assume you have to wait weeks or even months for a dental restoration.  Take advantage of CEREC® and your restoration will be in place in as little as a single appointment with your dentist.

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