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Anesthesia is used to prevent or reduce pain and/or to relax or sedate the patient during a procedure.  Different types of anesthesia are used depending on the situation they are needed.

Local anesthesia is used to numb specific parts of the mouth, gums and teeth using topical creams or small injections.  Local anesthetics can cause the parts of your mouth effected to feel numb for several hours.  You may feel temperature or pressure sensations, but no pain will be felt until the anesthetics wear off. 

Sedation anesthetics are used to leave a patient unconscious during a longer and more complicated procedure.  They can also be used if a patient suffers from anxiety and must be relaxed for their procedure.  Your sedative may come in the form of anti-anxiety medication taken before your visit or through the use of nitrous oxide, also called “laughing gas,” can be administered to you before your procedure.  Sedatives will cause you to feel groggy, relaxed and, in some cases, even euphoric.  These feelings will wear off almost immediately after your procedure as your doctor administers oxygen. 

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