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Bonding is when a composite of resin or plastic is applied to a damaged tooth.  The treatment works by lightly scraping the tooth, coating the tooth with an adhesive, bonding the resin to the tooth and using ultraviolet light to harden the resin.  The resin is then shaped and polished in order to better match the surrounding teeth.  The material used in bonding comes in a color closely matching your natural teeth.  You may find a bonding treatment necessary if you have discoloration, chips, fractures or decayed teeth. 

Bonding can be used if you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth or as an alternative for other dental procedures.  This treatment can usually be done in one appointment, though additional appointment may be needed.  This treatment also does not usually need anesthesia.  The bonding resin may be stained or chipped if you are not careful with the types of foods you eat.  This may also occur if habits like nail biting, ice chewing or pen chewing are not controlled.

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