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Night Guard

Night Guard

A nightguard is used to protect teeth on people who tend to clench or grind their jaw in their sleep.  If your teeth are left unprotected while you grind in your sleep, you can experience some of the following:  pain, cracks forming in the teeth, flattened teeth, sensitivity to heat and cold, and even tooth loss.  To prevent these dental problems, dentists recommend that those who have a tendency to grind their teeth while sleeping use a nightguard. 

Like with mouthguards, that are different types of nightguards that can fit your needs:

  1. Boil and bite nightguards can be purchased over the counter and allows you to create a nightguard that can fit your teeth.
  2. Stock nightguards can be given to you by your dentist, but are pre-made and may not fit your teeth correctly.
  3. Customized nightguards are made using x-rays, molds and scans of your teeth in order to make a nightguard that fits you just right.


If you are in need of a nightguard, please feel free to contact our office and make an appointment today!


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