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Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

Dentures are removable devices that are used to replace that are missing due to injury, disease, or tooth decay.  Dentures can help to improve the smile and health of the patients who use them.  Dentures can also help patients when they need to eat and speak.  They are made to look as natural as possible to your smile.  There are two types of dentures made to the patient's need: Partial dentures and complete dentures.

Partial dentures are used to fill gaps left by missing teeth.  These dentures can help hold your natural teeth in place to prevent them from causing further issues.  Partial dentures can be made from a plastic base that secures the teeth to the gums or a metal frame work which secures the dentures to your natural teeth.

Complete dentures are used when all your natural teeth have been lost.  These dentures are used to help you improve your speech and help you eat.  Complete dentures are usually held in place with special adhesive products.  It can take up to a few weeks for a patient to get used to new dentures.  You may experience increased salivation, soreness and irritation while your mouth adapts to the removable device and learns to keep it in place.  You should also remember to practice good oral hygiene to prevent plaque build up or causing any problems.

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