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There are 2 types of stains that can discolor your teeth:

  1. Extrinsic stains: These form on the tooth's surface and can be caused by certain foods, drinks, tabacoo, and the like.  These types of stains can be removed and prevented through the practice of good oral hygiene and regular dentist check-ups.
  2. Intrinsic stains:  These form inside the tooth due to trauma, aging, and other causes.  Intrinsic stains can be removed with teeth whitening treatments, though some stains may require other dental procedures.

Teeth whitening can repair the discoloration of teeth by removing the dirt and grime build up and restoring the tooth's natural color to its surface.  Discoloration can appear when the tooth's enamel wears down and becomes more transparent, making the teeth appear more yellow.  The in-office whitening treatment requires the application of a higher level peroxide to your teeth and treating with a special light in order to maximize the results of the bleaching agent.  Throughout the procedure, your gums and soft tissue are protected thanks to a rubber guard.  Teeth whitening can give you back your bright, white smile.

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