When is All-on-4 the Best Option for Replacing Teeth?

If life happened and you have several teeth missing, all-on-4 is one of the teeth restorations that the dentist may recommend. Missing teeth not only cause significant frustration and self-esteem issues but could also have adverse effects on the oral … Continued

A Roswell Dentist Answers: Can Diabetes Affect Your Teeth?

If you suffer from diabetes, then consult with your Roswell dentist about how to maintain good oral health. This can minimize the negative effects that diabetes can have on teeth. By fully understanding how diabetes affects teeth, you and your … Continued

Invisalign and Retainers: Commonly Asked Questions

Clear aligners like Invisalign offer an alternative way to straighten the teeth and fix bite problems without the use of the metal brackets and wires that come with traditional braces, allowing more people to fix the teeth discreetly. For those … Continued

5 Reasons to Get Adult Braces

Wondering if you should look into adult braces options? You should if you want straighter teeth. Most people with crooked teeth have their teeth straightened during their teenage years. The most common type of braces that teenagers use to straighten … Continued

5 Benefits of CEREC Dentistry

CEREC technology makes it possible for people who need dental prosthetics to get them after a single visit to the dentist. The traditional process of getting dental prosthetics like crowns can be quite tiresome. It requires at least two visits … Continued

Dental Guide to Denture Repair and Relining

Denture repair is one of those things you will have to deal with at some point when you wear these prosthetics. Dentures are the most cost-effective solution for people who are missing most of their natural teeth. These prosthetics are … Continued

5 Things to Discuss With Your General Dentist

General dentists are typically the most common type of dentists that people will see for their checkups and for other routine procedures such as dental fillings or whitening treatments. These types of dentists are trained to provide general care to … Continued

Tooth Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

Tooth replacement can be a difficult time because one has a few different options to consider. However, the options that do exist can offer a person restoration so that they’re on their way back to eating naturally and smiling confidently. … Continued

Prevent Overnight Teeth Grinding With a Night Guard

Teeth grinding can be difficult for more than just one person.  Sleeping next to a person who grinds their teeth throughout the night can be disturbing and annoying. It can also be just as disturbing for the person who is … Continued

Benefits of Laser Dentistry Procedures

Laser dentistry has grown to become one of the most popular ways to treat dental issues. Patients are finding that the precision provided by lasers brings along many benefits. While the idea of having a laser in your mouth may … Continued